Collection: Enchanted Garden Collection

'Shoes worthy of a fairy-tale'

This collection was inspired by enchanted fairy-tales, entangled in the dense foliage of misty forest and claimed by a wandering damsel.

Flowers are left to roam on shoes and trail to wherever they desire. Wrinkled leaves, buds and petals blossom unexpectedly on them as leather appliqués and precious embroideries climb like ivy entwined around each other, while a morning dew drops made of pearls and beads add a sense of charm and opulence. We wanted to make each piece look alive and overgrown. This is all paired with the soft, subtle shades of pastel pink, gold, silver and alabaster.

Baby shoes from this exquisite collection are a perfect complement to a special event like birthday, wedding and christening or make the perfect baby gift. These are shoes that will be treasured fondly for years to come and that parents can have as a keepsake of a memorable day.