About Vibys

Vibys gold embroidered gray leather kids boots

All great things have small beginnings and we are here to bring joy and smiles to those beautiful first steps. Vibys designs for the modern, vibrant and curious child who wears exceptional shoes. The little sparkle can be very comfortable in leggings and a large jeans one day, and in a chic little dress or tuxedo the next.

Vibys is dreamed up by our little artisan team. We wanted to create a unique line in children's shoes that combines exquisity, playfulness and sustainability. At Vibys, we are creating a shoe pair to be "experienced" - that holds something important to you and that will be remembered fondly for years to come. Our shoes tickle the imagination and sparkle the senses.

Made from soft natural leather, Vibys baby shoes are durable, pleasant-to-wear and breathe well. Their soft leather soles allow little one's feet to develop naturally and give a barefoot walking feeling.

Vibys shoes are designed and crafted in Estonia, a small Northern European country. We use sustainable design techniques - residual leather from leather industry, mostly vegetable tanned leather for lining, reclaimed materials (vintage lace, beads etc), zero-waste pattern pieces and no glue and solvents focusing on sewing instead. We produce slowly in small volumes - every shoe is individually handmade to order on our vintage Singer machine. 

Our love for keeping the wellbeing of little feet in mind and our dedication to craftsmanship ensures that your little ones are happy with the shoes we make for them.