Caring For Your Vibys Shoes & Accessories

At Vibys, we use ethically sourced leather and residual leather from footwear industry (suede, nubuck, full grain leather, fish leather) - and ornate it with delicate beadwork and embroidery. 

We want to share our care tips and knowledge when it comes to looking after your Vibys shoes and bags, so they remain in the best possible condition after your little one has worn them on special events. 

Suede and Nubuck

We use high quality Italian suede and nubuck (goat, cow and calf) that has a very fine nap so please be gentle with them. There is not much visible difference between the two from part that they are created by different sanding process. Suede leather has been sanded on the inner layer of the skin, while nubuck is sanded on the outer or exterior skin of the animal. Since the outside layer of a skin is tougher nubuck tends to be more durable. 
Treating suede and nubuck with water proofing products and brusing them regularly to maintain the nap, will be enough. It is important to pick the correct brush for each - since the nubuck is a harder material than suede, a nubuck brush used on suede will damage the nap. Where possible try to avoid damp conditions. You can protect your shoes with a spray that will build up a water resistance within the leather to greatly reduce the risk of liquid stains but please read the instructions fully before using. Suede and nubuck do not need to be shined and should never be shined.

Full Grain Leather

We use both vegetable-tanned and traditionally tanned finest Italian full grain smooth leather (cow and calf nappa). Only chrome-free leather that has been tanned using purely vegetable substances is used for inner lining of our shoes.
Clean it delicately with a slightly damp cloth. We recommend a neutral polish to avoid color mismatches.

Fish Leather

Vibys white pearl embroidered fish leather butterfly baby shoes

We use fish leather from Baltic Sea Salmon, Trout and Perch. It is considered an eco-luxury leather alternative due to the fact that it is sourced as a by-product of the fishing industry. The sea-leather has a distinctive scale pattern, it is incredibly strong and durable, yet light in weight and smells like regular leather, and the more it’s worn – the better it looks.

The fish leather has been treated with a thin protective coat to protect the scale pockets and stop them from lifting when in contact with other surfaces. Clean it with a dry or a very lightly moistened cloth in the direction of the scales without any vigorous rubbing or scrubbing.

Beaded, Embroidered & Stitched Details


The elaborate decorative details - for example floral ornaments and tassels - on Vibys shoes and mini bags are handmade and delicate, they are designed to be worn on special occasion, not everyday. We use a variety of dazzling beads, sequins and crystals, silk, lace and leather to create our embellishments. With hand beading and embroidery each embellishment is unique and created with care and attention to detail.

Details can be gently cleaned with a soft, slightly damp cloth and left to dry. Protect them from water and humidity and avoid heat.


When your little one has finished wearing the shoes it’s best to pop them into a protective Vibys dust bag that comes with every pair of Vibys shoes.



If you need some advice about care and repairs, please contact us We are happy to help.